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We're Marlene and Louis Fekete, and we've been raising poodles and yorkie puppies for five years. As we've progressed, we've found it not only an enjoyable adventure but also enjoy making families happy with their new adoptive additions! We've found, in our own situation, that puppies have had a theraputic effect on our adopted children who are physically and mentally challenged, and we're sure you'll find them just as excellent an addition to YOUR family.

Feel free to look around -- we will post pictures of our puppies as they become available, but please feel free to email us at "marlene" at "puppypawprints" dot com on what you might be looking for; just because it might not be listed does not mean we don't have puppies. Our expertise is not in how quick we get our new puppies on to "puppypawprints.com," but rather in raising the best quality, good-tempered and healthy puppies for many years to come!

- Louis and Marlene Fekete


January 22, 2014

Happy New Year! Things have been hectic around PPP headquarters of late, but as we begin to look to the future, we've still got some adorable pups worth a look, and you'll find them below!

We've also got some apricot bichie-poos and gorgeous chocolate poodles that are too young to photograph, so give us a call if you're interested!

Remember to call (231) 779-5683 or email us at "marlene" (without the quotes) at this domain for information on any pups we might have!

  • Maltese are very popular, and this quartet of boys (the runt is the fella on the right in the second photo) are no exception. They're handsome!


  • One of the cutest combinations out there are malti-poos, and this boy and girl (on the left) are fine examples!

  • Take a gander at this male parti-poodle -- as the kids would say, he's adorbs!

  • That handsome boy above isn't the only parti-poodle around -- check out his two sisters!

  • "Lucy" is an older poodle with a lot of love to give. She could use a forever home -- are you who she's looking for? (She's a little tough to photograph! She loves to play!)


  • We couldn't decide on one photo of this brother pair of poodles. Can you blame us?


  • Finally, here's a little bit of an older yorkie-poo, who's eager to meet you!