Puppy Tips for New Owners

Crateful Puppy

Crating is a great tool to start training. A helpful tip for length of time: a puppy can hold his bladder for a number of hours equal to his age in months, plus one. For example, if your puppy is four months old, he can hold his bladder for five hours.

Puppy Health

Common health problems to look for in your puppy include:

A puppy's normal temperature should be 101.7 degrees. Small dogs need several meals daily.

Hypoglycemia is common health concern for small dogs. Symptoms include:

Emergency treatment would include placing a few drops of Karo syrup under the tongue and calling your vet immediately. The life of a small dog can be endangered in as little as an hour with these issues.

During recovery, NutraCal can be given both in the morning and evening, along with babyfood such as beef or chicken. They will rarely resist, and it encourages them back to normal eating habits.